My Message to God's Children in Utah

My first message to the children of God, in Utah. I hope to post a video version soon.

I am Thomas Joseph Goldsmith Tomeny III and I have lived in Utah since 2019, moving here that summer to find a new life and a new wife here in Utah after my miraculous conversion to the Church of Jesus Christ, of Latter-day Saints.

Since moving here, I have been targeted by the forces of evil and faced numerous false criminal charges from conspirators lying about me. This is in accordance with scripture as the righteous, including such amazing ones as Jesus, Joan of Arc, and Joseph Smith, have throughout history been the targets of those who allow evil to dwell in them. Please watch this video, and read the video's comments, to see for yourself my true character.

There comes a time when whole societies face a choice between good and evil, even as each of us faces that same choice every day in our own lives.

This election, in which I am on the ballot as an independent for Governor of Utah on mail in ballots that will be counted on November 5 of this year, is such a time. My shortened legal name on that ballot is Tom Tomeny.

I ask you to vote for the person that is most likely to bring about a righteous society here in Utah, whether that person is me or someone else.

As a believer in Jesus Christ my whole life, though not always a close follower, and someone with a testimony of the truth of the Book of Mormon, I see one shining example of a righteous society in all recorded history, and that is of Zarahemla during the reign of King Benjamin.

For many years centuries prior to the birth of Jesus Christ, there was on the American continent an area where contention was absent, and peace and prosperity prevailed.

A time and place where the children of God actually followed God.

And found themselves the recipients of all blessings, peace, and prosperity.

Today in Utah we have some peace and some prosperity, but we are far from what is possible. 

Never before in human history has there been so much potentially good technology that can and will change the world. Our job is to allow that change to come sooner by restoring our relationships with one another. The contentions among us are keeping the door to that bright future at least partially closed. 

Our politics and the media coverage of it, both traditional and social, are what keeps the contention going. 

We are therefore called, as good people, to rid ourselves of these evil systems. 

The first order of business is to get media money and political parties out of politics. 

This can be done by each individual voter deciding not to vote for any candidate who is spending money on a campaign or a member of a political party.

Candidates who spend money to get elected, and have membership in a political party to get elected, have already “sold their souls” to an evil system. Even as I believe all of my opponents in this race for Governor are good men, they have all gone with the status quo of the existing evil system.

It is simply illogical and wasteful for politicians to ask for money to use to spread their message when, with social people and media, they can simply ask their friends, neighbors and other supporters to spread their message directly to their friends and neighbors.  I ran a no money campaign for Utah County Commissioner in 2022 and got almost 10,000 votes with no media money spent at all and no prior base of supporters. 

As the only true independent I am the only good choice for both covenant keeping Latter Day Saints and all the other good people of Utah. I am beholden to no one as I have not asked for or accepted a single nickel from anyone and I have paid for the filing fee and other expenses out of my own thin wallet.

I believe there is a moral obligation on covenant keeping Latter Day Saints to spread the word on my candidacy, as they have, in Temple covenants, pledged all they have and all they are to the building up of God’s Kingdom, and there are no evil systems in God’s Kingdom. A vote for a traditional politician is a vote to keep the evil system that has come to be.

Some of my experiences in the world are detailed in the video above. I have built and run a significant company and I have also failed a few times. But my real qualification is not of the world but of Jesus Christ. 

I have learned to make all decisions by prayer, as my prayers are almost always answered quickly as I live close to Jesus. And Jesus, as the Creator of this world, always has the right answer, and I do my very best to comprehend His answers.

There are surely men and women in Utah much closer to Jesus than me, but they are not on the ballot for Governor this year as far as I can tell. I believe many of our very best citizens are in full time service to others, either in churches, non-profits, private enterprises, government, or solo and with their families. 

I believe Utah is called to be the city on the hill to show the rest of our country and the world the best way to live, as children of God, obeying His commandments, showered with His blessings.

Electing an independent candidate like me will send a shock wave through the existing evil political systems of our nation and the world.

So please, step out in faith, no matter what your faith is or is not. And do something that will help shatter the evil systems that are used by mostly good people who have not yet discovered a better way. 

Spread this message far and wide, in person and on social media. Then show the world that we are ready for a better way, even the Way of Jesus, by voting for me, Tom Tomeny, when you receive your mail ballot for the November election.

God’s Kingdom will come, for that is His will, help it come sooner by rejecting our current evil system of money and political parties dominating our politics. Vote independent, and gain your own independence from evil.

This campaign site is paid for by Tom Tomeny.