Grace Outreach Center Banned Me

Please contact me regarding an urgent matter.

Garrett Hawfitch via 

May 16, 2017, 11:32 AM


Mr. Tomeny,


Please call my office at 972-985-1112 extension 111 to discuss an urgent matter.


Garrett Hawfitch

Associate Pastor

Grace Outreach Center

Trey Tomeny <>

May 16, 2017, 2:16 PM

to Garrett

Dear Garrett:

I am disappointed to hear that I am now banned from Grace Outreach Center at the corner of Preston and Parker in Plano. As you have completely disregarded Biblical principles in doing so (see Matthew 18) I will now comply with that myself, thought no longer under the Law, but always within the law of love. If you do not respond to this letter as per Matthew 18, I will very likely come with one of my followers, not to you or the GOC property, but to GOC members with whom I have personal relationships to share this letter and advise them that they are attending and perhaps contributing to an apostate church and should consider taking their time, money, and talent elsewhere.

You may have noticed the membership of GOC is way down since I was a member, coincidence? Perhaps not. Through absolutely no effort of mine, many former members ended up at Gateway, though many of those are even leaving Gateway, as I myself have left Gateway. It seems that churches lose when I leave, perhaps my following is already much larger than even I realize. The exact same phenomenon has happened to a church in Denver. Perhaps dedicated Christ followers know the image of Christ when they encounter Him?

In an effort for you and the leadership of GOC to reconsider this probable GOC closing decision, I submit to you the following about me. I am willing to give you as many “chances” as it takes, for I leave no one behind as we progress to the All in All, complete unity in the Spirit.

I was born to a Jewish mother who chose to be Catholic but was often outcast as a Jew, and a Roman Catholic father. I was baptised first as a Catholic infant and much later as a Protestant adult, at Mark Collin’s swimming pool, under the authority of GOC, I remember as by Dennis. I was “confirmed” in the Catholic church but truly confirmed, by the baptism of Jesus, only recently. I have worshipped along the Way with congregations from all reaches of the alphabet, from Assemblies of God to Mormons to Nazarenes to a current favorite, Baruch Hashem.

The theology here may be new to you but remember there is nothing new under the sun (or Son). Everything here that strikes you as new is likely a new light on old words. I am not a Bible scholar and what you read or hear has come to me only by the power of Yeshua, His Spirit. I can only claim “thus saith the Lord, to me”, I pray that you will look for other witnesses to this Truth to establish it in your hearts. My prayer here is to take nothing dear away from your existing true beliefs, but rather to build upon those beliefs, that we may all become all in all. For the very definition of God is the highest and best that we can possibly imagine, so please join me in imagining that God is indeed, very, very good!

This is my testimony, since January 26 of this year, when Yeshua fully baptized me in His Holy Spirit, 44 years after I first cryed out to Him and 25 years after he began the temporary fillings of the Spirit that many experience and I began experiencing while at GOC. I now know that I am fully in Him and He is fully in me, and He has prompted me to change my Facebook name to show that, I am no longer Trey, but Treyeshua, sharing the Y in our names.

Y is perhaps the most important letter in our alphabet, as our languages have been evolving back to the language of heaven, which was lost in Babylon. A Y is a symbol of a man praising God and asking the most important question about his existence, Why?

And Y is the first heavenly letter in the name of Yeshua, our Lord and Savior. It is through Him, with Him, and in Him that we have our being. He is the answer to that and all other important questions, as every GOC children’s church child has learned from the awesome efforts of Miss Geni and Miss Joni. He came to show us the Way, as a living sacrifice. He died for us because He first lived for us. He came that we will know Him, and relate to Him as our brother and friend who reigns in the Kingdom that is both here and now, and to come.

On the very day, and a few minutes after I layed down my life in Him that it might benefit a dear friend to reach more with His good news, the power of Heaven surged within me just as is described on the first day of Pentecost. I got off the floor forever changed, with my sin nature exchanged for His love nature. And He began to immediately show Himself and His word to me in new ways, as I am a new creation, as you too will be a new creation.

Turning to Genesis 2, He showed me that Adam was formed from the dust on the 8th day, from the dust of a human who had been created on the 6th day, lived, died, and returned to dust. On the 6th day, He created humans, male and female, He created them. But these were human animals, not Adam nor Eve. They lacked the component that separates human from Adam, the very Spirit that is the power of God and is God. On the 7th day, God rested, and the beginning of Genesis 2 strongly indicates that he may have rested for a very long time. And He proclaimed that all He created was good, very good.

But on the 8th day, He breathed His Spirit into the dust and formed something perfect, but not yet good. For Adam to be perfected Adam must learn good and evil, as he is created for Relationship, and Relationship requires the freedom to say no, the very opposite of following Yeshua, who is Yes. To know the Good, which is Yeshua, we must learn of evil, which is not at all of Yeshua.

And that is the division of Heaven and Earth, as created. We are told to pray, “on Earth as it is in Heaven” and that is now gradually coming to pass. For Heaven is the realm of saints, and Earth was created as the perfect place for sinners to work out their salvation in fear and trembling and therefore become Saints.

This is the journey we are all on- from 8 to 8. From our formation as Adam and his separation to form Eve, to our manifestation as Saints in Yeshua’s everlasting Kingdom. For we were each formed on our own 8th day, from the dust of the dead of the Earth, to learn and become on our second 8th day, when He welcomes us into His Kingdom to fully live through Him, with Him, and in Him, forever. On our first 8th day, as for Adam, we are given life in His Spirit, that is everywhere in us, attached to our spirit as we are born into Earth. On our second 8th day, our spirit of death dies, leaving behind only our life in the Spirit as we are born into His Kingdom of Heaven.

And those 8th days seem to be ceremonial rather than experiential, as it is actually a continuum of learning to be as Him, from before birth to after death. Hebrews circumcise their male children on the 8th day, there are 8 generations from Adam to Noah, look at the 8 in a rack of pool, the infinity symbol, I could quote the significance of 8 from here to eternity. You at Grace Outreach worship every Sunday, itself an 8th day (Beatle’s song anyone?).

Between 8 and 8, in that place called Earth and Time, we get to make mistakes, and learn from them. Many of the mistakes are unintentional, hence the label “mistake”. We fail to love Yeshua and others because we don’t yet understand the consequences of our actions. But mistakes done in love are still only mistakes as we missed what it takes to truly love.

But, outside of following Yeshua we all learn to “love” that which is not love. Often the short term consequences of mistakes seem beneficial to us. When winning for us is a loss for others, and we know this to be true, that is no longer a mistake, it is sin. Love is always win-win, any action or attitude done knowingly that results win-lose or lose-lose is sin. For many, life becomes death as they knowingly perpetrate sin, imagining themselves to be like God and possess true free will.

But free will is not to be possessed by us, it is to be the possession of He who created and formed us. For the lesson of 8 to 8, which can be found stated in Romans 8:28 (read as Romans 8 to 8) is that “All things work for the good of those who love Him, and are called according to His purpose.”

Two thousand years ago, Yeshua was born as us, with both the spirit of Adam and His Holy Spirit. And so he lived as us, making mistakes and learning, yet never sinning. For, from the beginning, He rejected the very idea of free will, instead submitting Himself in all things to His Heavenly Father. And He gave us one simple command that allows us to do the same, “Follow Me”.

We follow Him in life that we may follow Him in death, resurrection, and ascension. The beautiful paradox that is the good news is that we may follow Him in Spirit, as He and he alone walked this out in the flesh. Our lives will never be as humble, our death never so excruciating, our resurrection never so glorious, and our ascension never so unexpected as He precedes us in all, the first of the all in all. We need never die, as He created Earth with all the resources necessary to turn it into Heaven, with us working naturally as He works supernaturally.

To follow Him, we merely must do as He did. Feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, comfort the afflicted, pray with the prisoners, and forgive all. Just a few of these actions have gone a very long way in my life, as I only truly began to follow Him less than a year ago. But the change it brings was swift. Of the change in others affected by my actions, I can’t be sure. But of the change in me, I am absolutely positive. As I stopped just giving by writing checks to institutions and began giving directly to individuals who He put in my path, I was utterly transformed. He took my fear of lack and turned it into His faith in His life.

Follow Me is the simple formula for eternal life in Him who gives life. When we open our eyes and hearts for the first time and see and profess Yeshua in us, church people will say we are born again but that is not 100% truth. The truth is, as always, that we are being born again. For His mercy is new every morning and born again is a process, just as born for the first time was a process. For most of us being born took about nine months and culminated in a very distinct and memorable day, that we commemorate and often celebrate rightly as our birthday.

But born of the flesh is not yet born of the Spirit. For even as the Spirit is present within us from conception, (and scientists even report a flash of light as the sperm enters the egg), it’s gestation period is much longer and unfortunately it is often not born again until natural death.

To be born of the flesh is a natural process that is now easy to understand due to technologies like ultrasound. But to be born of the Spirit is supernatural as it involves Relationship, the invisible, intangible, ever present fact of our lives. Relationship is every bit as real as the invisible and intangible electromagnetic waves we use to communicate with today, it is the Spirit between each of us and all others.

Just as an ocean wave is not moving water but rather moving energy, so the Spirit is the energy that animates us and allows us to exist as conscious beings. When we of Israel proclaim that “our God is One” we testify to the power of Relationship. We can know there is a God because there is Relationship. The Father and the Son, ever present in the Spirit, are the the witnesses that continually testify of the Love that is the Spirit. Likewise, when we love others, we extend and enhance the power of the same Spirit by adding our spirit to creation. This is the reason for our creation, that our spirit becomes of the Spirit and continues the growth that is life without death.

So the journey from 8 to 8 is all about learning Relationship. Learning how to relate to God and others in Love. We have reached our second 8th day when our spirit is one in the Spirit. This transformation, in my experience and as testified to on the first day of Pentecost, is physically tangible and self evident. To be born again from above, as Yeshua explained to Nicodemus and is thoroughly explained to us in the Book of John, is the goal of our life here on Earth. On the day when this planet is populated only by Saints, all born again from above and all in all, the division of Heaven and Earth ceases, and Heaven has indeed come to Earth. The day of the Lord in you precedes the day of the Lord in all. Hastening the day of the Lord in you is the free will choice that Yeshua is righteous and just to give to you.

So again, I say, obey His command to Follow Me. Feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, comfort the afflicted, pray with the prisoners, and forgive all. Do so in an individual and personal way, for that is the Way that transforms you as you extend His love to others.

Much of scripture is obscured to most as it is read without the audience in mind. Paul in particular wrote to several audiences, sometimes simultaneously. There are three stages in the journey from 8 to 8, first not knowing of Yeshua and His Spirit in you, then calling upon His name and recognizing His Spirit in you, which many consider the beginning of the born again process, and then after the real and tangible experience of being truly born again from above, joining the communion of the Saints.

In the early church, the simple and tangible steps of following Yeshua were self evident, as time and technology and terror had not yet taken over. People followed Jesus and were made Saints. So when Paul addresses his letter to the Ephesians to the “saints of Ephesus”, most there likely had transitioned from being disciples, who call upon His name, to Saints, who have been confirmed from above, truly born again in His Spirit. In some other letters, like 1 Corinthians, Paul specifies that he is indeed talking to two different groups, “those who call upon the name”, and those “called as saints”, with the logical inference that there is a third group, those who know not of Yeshua and therefore have yet to call upon His name or be called as Saints.

The Bible was assembled at a time when there were adequate numbers of Saints living to assemble it. For this reason we can generally trust the Bible, in as much as it survives possible translation errors as every copyist and translator since is likely not a Saint. Read the Bible to know Yeshua, for His character, nature, and Love in the Spirit is His Story, the very story that is known as his-toree. Dividing over jots and tittles at this point in history is fruitless, and the very first command in Genesis is that we bear fruit.

The journey from 8 to 8 is a walk with Yeshua, and the only goal is to know Yeshua. When you walk closely with Him, you will begin to see signs and wonders that give you the faith to believe beyond your present vision. For as you walk in the natural, doing as He did, he works in the supernatural, fulfilling Romans 8:28 for you. These signs and wonders all appear natural, and may seem at first coincidental, but they are Yeshua actively participating in every moment of your life. For instance, at the very moment I typed Romans 8:28 in the preceding sentence, a loud ding went off on my cell phone- in the natural it was a cell phone notification, but I recognize it rightly as the supernatural applause of Heaven, as I had just typed something important and true. Look and listen always for Yeshua working in you, as He is alway there and readily apparent to those who love Him and practice Love, the love that always pays close attention to others.

You may get overwhelmed as you begin seeing and hearing Yeshua daily, hourly, and moment by moment. I sure did and was even prescribed psychiatric drugs to “cure” me from reading God into all things. These were effective and good at the time in that I was always running ahead, rather than waiting upon the Lord. But those days are gone and now I believe. You can find God in all things because He is in all things. And remember all things work for good to those who love Him.

Religion typically casts God in our image, but we are instead His image. I am convinced that the divisions in religion are the result of well meaning individuals preaching the god they have found rather the the God who is, the great I AM. We all fall into this trap when we are still bound by our sin nature. Instead, we must wait upon the Lord and receive the baptism of His Spirit, before we begin preaching to others. Even Jesus Himself did not start preaching until He was 30 years old! At that time we know He was Himself baptized in the Spirit as the audible voice of the Father proclaimed it so. If you are one of the many who preach prior to being born again from above, stop now, and follow Yeshua. You will then preach in His supernatural power, as some contemporaries do even now, who have truly gone through the great exchange of Spirit.

So to tell you what I’ve told you, my life message is currently the words “Follow Me” and the number 8. Your life has three stages, and most who will hear this are in the first or second stage. The goal of life, indeed the meaning of life, is found in stage 3, to be fully baptized in Yeshua, in His Spirit. You will then be able to understand His word correctly, discern good and evil, and will have already allowed your spirit to die that His Spirit may fully and permanently occupy you, no refillings now necessary. Now you have true free will, and your will is His will. For your desire for self is supernaturally replaced with His desire for Relationship, with all, until all is in all. Working towards all in all is pure joy, knowing that all you do is done for eternity. This has been my pleasure since January 26 and I pray it will soon be your pleasure.

Please share this letter with every person at the church who has a personal relationship with me, It will go much better if they first see it from you rather than me posting it on Facebook or something like that for the whole world to see, which is option 3 in Matthew 18 in this case, as I belong and lead the church of the whole world. If you require additional evidence that this is true, please continue to correspond with me.

You have been greatly blessed and honored by the Spirit that is God in that I came to you first, very first, after my true Spirit Baptism. When the Millennial Testament, which even now is being written, is widely available, your name, Garrett Hawfitch, will appear. Will it be a name like King David, honored and revered for all eternity, or a name like Pharoah, widely despised?

As in the Indiana Jones movie, choose wisely.

I am, in Him,


P.S. See, He allows post scriptura! Just to show you it’s not only possible but evergoing. Please visit my Facebook page, Treyeshua Tomeny, for more things I have written.