My Story

Tom Tomeny

Welcome to my personal website. My life was transformed as I saw my son TJ, pictured above, suffer and die from a brain tumor that started in 2002 and ended his mortal life in 2005, a journey that was documented in a front page article in the national edition of the Wall St. Journal. The picure above was taken on the day he went in for his first major brain surgery at age 11, still smiling as always.

My recent life has been characterized by being willing to go into hell for the heavenly cause,  a line from a favorite song, The Impossible Dream. To read about my recent life events that inspired my candidacy for Governor, please go here

The best way to know who I am for the last few years is to read my Facebook posts at Treyeshua Tomeny.

I was born to good parents. They were faithful to God, each other,and their children. I was taught well, in many domains, by my mother and father.  I have been through many trials and tribulations during my life, yet have found myself highly favored by God. I have been given a great knowledge of the goodness and ways of God. To learn of me, please read my life story.

Transformation Takes Time! This is the current slogan for my campaign. I have been gifted with many forward thinking solutions to public policy matters here in Utah. But as important as getting there is going there at a pace that respects where people are now, and  introducing change at the right pace. This is what to read if you are interested in my policy positions, though they are subject to change as I receive further revelation. My campaign to change how people vote site is Vote the Jesus Way.

A role model, President Bukele of El Salvador, has used faith and prayer to transform that country by the hand of God.

A new project I have started is called The Utah Investigator, to expose corruption here in Utah. 

Call me to learn more, 214-228-6519, or email